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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I have to share this It's truly Inspiring : Ivan's Transformation.

Im back!!!

It's been a long time since my last log , ( Cebu City Marathon Last January). I am sharing something that is truly inspiring its about Ivan's quest from 360 Pounds to a Certified Marathoner with a very Good Sub5 Finish . I've done 4 full marathons but i've never finished with a sub5. Truly Inspiring.

Iv'e known Ivan since he was a 360 pound 13year old.At that time i never believed he was still 13 and that huge.

It was only about 20months ago that Ivan took the weight loss challenge.
Spot the Difference
Picture from Ivan's FB account.

Let's let Ivan share:

At first i had no plans of losing weight even if i was always embarrassed in public and became topic of everybody . It is because of this i decided to enroll  at a fitness gym and started to exercise with no changes in my lifestyle. After a month of consistent exercise i lost 20lbs and on the 2nd month another 22lbs and on the 3rd month 2lbs. With these results i was really motivated to do more with the help and encouragement of my friends, so i started to be really serious on my strict diet and routine. After 8 - 9 months i lost a total of 177lbs.
Age: 20 yrs old
My weight then was: 360 lbs
My Total weight lost:185lbs

My current weight: 175 lbs
My first road race was the glamor run (5k with time of 35mins)
My best race of course my 1st full marathon last july 31.
Team: F1 - xtremes
Teammates :Ms Flash mai2 and jupiter hermosilla, ingking and ten2 yu, johannah and richard del rosario, marissa and gilbert yap, bea villo, marco aranas, jeff codino

Trained by jeff "opaw" codino

I run 3 times on weekdays in the gym, alternate with strengthening training and sunday long runs.
We can achieve everything  as long as we want it. Our only enemy is ourself. Think that there are no boundaries, don't limit your self with mediocrity. our experience is not what happen to us but it what we do with what happen to us!

The Gang : Ages Ago

Ivan at the Finish Line of the  Milo Marathon last July 31, 2011
Photo from Ivan c/0 Joebert Dela Rosa

Thank You Ivan for Sharing.

Congratulations :
 Ivan you are now a Certified Marathoner.


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